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"Sacred cows make the best hamburger."

--Mark Twain



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Never Underestimate People's Ability to Amaze You!

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I have recently retired from teaching (May 2012) and am now able to spend more time doing research, working around the farm, riding my motorcycle, and being with my lovely wife, Amy.  I have left the various syllabi for the courses I taught on my website, however, in case they prove useful to anyone, especially as I created numerous web pages for each course and established links to several web pages containing information relevant to the topics covered in those courses.


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Cultural Anthropology

Human Population Growth

Anthropology of Sex and Gender

Native American Ecology

Human Ecology

Origin and Evolution of Religious Movements


Anthropology, Religion and the Bible

Anthropology, Religion and the Rise of Christianity

Research Design in Anthropology

Anthropology of Sex and Gender

Jesus Christ Superstar



Jesus Christ Superstar



The Last Supper








Jesus Christ Superstar

2007 - 2011

Graduation Dinner






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Circumcision, Subincision and Other Forms of Ritual Genital Surgery








Hurricanes and Global Warming









It Isn't Easy Being Green



Is There A Bias In Higher Education?






You Are a Fluke of the Universe



Logging and Deforestation



On Overpopulation






The Jesus Movement








Genealogy, Politics and History in the Book of Genesis





Hill's Criteria of Causation






Science and Anthropology





Colonization and Resistance

in North America and Palestine










Taliban War on Women






Just How Democratic Are American Elections?







Irony of Ironies

Jewish Students Flock to a Lutheran College



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Short Commentaries:




On Democracy



Western Amnesia

and the Kidnapping of Children

 by Boko Haram






Putting Israeli Bombing of Gaza in Perspective








Moral Righteousness, Amnesia

and Chemical Weapons


Spreading Democracy




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15.  Ecology and Ethnic Interactions in New Mexico, 1700 - 1850. FORUM: of the Association for Arid Lands Studies 22:1-14. (2006)


Chapters in Books

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"Out of Egypt I called my son."

(Matthew 2:15)











My Family






Angus enjoying a "poochie cone"



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Our Home in Pennsylvania










Our Home in the Southwest














Motorcycling in the Southwest











Monticello Creek Motorcycle Ride










Bikes I have owned






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Port Isaac in Cornwall







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Some Closing Thoughts . . .



One way to protect yourself from ideas you don't like.





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"Give not that which is holy unto the dogs,

neither cast ye your pearls before swine."


--Matthew 7:6






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Don't you hate people?


I don't hate people; I just feel better when they're not around.







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