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 At the end of every year, the weekly magazine, World Press Review, surveys the editors of leading news services to determine what they consider the most important stories that year.  WPR then publishes the top 10 stories identified by each editor.  What WPR finds every year is that the editors of U.S. news agencies almost always choose stories of events that occur within the U.S. or that directly involve Americans.  By contrast, news agencies in other countries are far more likely to choose stories about events that happened outside their countries and immediate geographical regions.  The information below for the year 2001 is typical.






U.S. News Services


The Associated Press
Survey of U.S. Editors


• Sept. 11 attacks
• War on terrorism
• Anthrax bio-terrorism
• Recession in the United States
• Bush inauguration
• Execution of Timothy McVeigh for

   bombing of federal building in

• Israeli-Palestinian conflict
• U.S. Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont

   quits Republican Party and

   becomes an independent, tilting

   control of the

   Senate to the Democrats
• Power crisis in California
• U.S. tax cut


The Pew Research Center
U.S. News Interest Index


• Terrorism attack on the U.S

• Trade  Center/Pentagon attacks

• Identifying those who attacked

   the U.S.
• High gasoline prices
• Defending against future


• Release of U.S. air crew from

• Building anti-terror coalition
• Economic effects of terrorism

• Possible U.S. military action
• U.S. military effort in



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Foreign News Services



The Associated Press
Survey of International Editors



• Sept. 11 terror attacks on the United

   States and the ensuing war on

• The anthrax scare
• Renewed violence between

   Palestinians and Israelis
• George W. Bush takes office as as

   U.S. president; American politics

• Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan

   Milosevic arrested, taken to The


• World economy weakens
• Europe hit by mad cow and foot-and-

   mouth diseases
• Rising power of the European Union;

   introduction of common currency

• China admitted to World Trade

• (Statistical tie)

     *Unrest at G-8 Summit

     *Massacre of Nepalese royal family




China Daily

Editorial Board


• Sept. 11 terror attacks on the United

• Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated
• World economic slowdown
• China enters into World Trade

• The United States withdraws from

   the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
• Embryo cloning sparks heated debate

• Tension rises between India and

• Royal massacre in Nepal
• Earthquake in India kills about 20,000

• Former Filipino and Indonesian

   presidents impeached and Arroyo

   and Megawati, respectively,

   become new presidents



The Japan Times,

Tokyo, Japan
the editors



• War in Afghanistan
• Sept. 11
• U.S. recession
• Uncertainty in Indonesia
• Confusion in North-South Korea

• China: The World Trade Organization

   and 2008 Olympics
• India-Pakistan dispute
• Ballistic Missile Treaty
• Enron collapses
• Argentina defaults


Matichon Daily

Bangkok, Thailand

the editors

• Sept. 11 attack on the twin towers,

    New York
• The swift U.S retaliation attack on

• Fear of anthrax
• The world economic downturn
• New eruption of violence in the

   Palestinian-Israeli conflict
• China’s entrance into the World Trade

• The birth of Princess Aiko to Princess

    Masako and Crown Prince Naruhito

    of Japan
• The impeachment of President

    Estrada in the Philippines
• Earthquake in the western Indian

   state of Gujarat
• The massacre of eight members of

    the Nepalese royal family






Belgrade, Yugoslavia,

Perica Vucinic, editor

• Sept. 11
• War against terrorism
• Closer relations between Russia and

   the United States
• Extradition of Slobodan Milosevic to

   the Hague Tribunal
• Social unrest in Argentina
• Protests against globalization
• Parliamentary elections in Kosovo
• War in (Former Yugoslav Republic of)

• International success of Harry Potter

   books and film
• Decision to give 2008 Olympic Games

   to Beijing


The News

Lagos, Nigeria,
Babafemi Ojudu, managing editor


• Terrorist attack on the United States
• Tiv/Junkun crisis claims lives of 19

• Dec. 23 assassination of Chief Bola

   Ige, Nigeria’s attorney general and

   minister of justice
• Public hearings of the Human Rights

   Violation Investigation Commission
• Religious riots in Jos between

   Christians and Muslims
• War of the pastors and tension

   among Pentecostal churches
• The controversial electoral bill
• Nigerian Agbani Darego wins Miss






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