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A major multinational corporation has allocated one quarter of a billion dollars for the purchase of land in developing countries.  The money will be funneled through a Western-dominated international organization whose voting members are disproportionately represented by individuals and corporations from the U.S. and Europe.  The land purchase is designed to remove prime land from indigenous ownership in order to have it be at the disposal of the mostly white employees and customers served by the international organization in question.



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Intel Corporation has announced that it is donating $250 million to Conservation International for the purchase of land in developing countries.  Conservation International is a major international organization that undertakes biodiversity research, conducts its own ecotours and supports the ecotourism industry.  The principal beneficiaries of both the biodiversity research and ecotourism industries are disproportionately white middle and upper-middle income citizens from the economically advantaged countries in Europe and North America.



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