Prominent Women in Politics



It has often been claimed (mostly by women!) that the competition and conflict associated with politics is due to the fact that most political arenas are dominated by men.  In the U.S., the President and Vice-President have always been men, and most Senators and Congressmen have been male.  Similarly, throughout history, whether it be the Roman, Greek or Chinese Empires, Great Britain, France or Germany, or any other kingdom, state or empire, political systems have been dominated by men.  Some have even argued that warfare and dominance stem from male aggressiveness and use of power and that were women in charge of politics, there would be fewer wars and less exploitative political systems.   If this were true, then a systemic view of politics and political behavior would be wrong.  Underlying a systemic view of politics is the notion that the operation of political systems are independent of the characteristics of the people involved and are inherent in the nature of politics itself, in the same way that the principles of economics do not depend on the sex, race, etc. of the economic actor.  Political science as a social science attempts to develop principles of political behavior that are universal, that apply to all societies in all times and in all places, regardless of whether the political actors are male or female, white or black, American, European, Chinese, Yanomamo, Navajo, Apache or Yoruba.  This is required by the Uniformitarian Principle.  Below is a selection of famous women in politics.  As would be expected, the behavior of these women did not differ from that of men in the same political systems.  To explain their political behavior, we need to understand the nature of the political systems in which they operated and apply the principles of political behavior to those circumstances.



Margaret Thatcher



Condoleezza Rice

Golda Meir

Indira Gandhi

Madeleine Albright

Queen Elizabeth I


Mary Queen of Scots



Michele Alliot-Marie

Catherine the Great

Gale Norton



  Christie Whitman  

Phyllis Shlafly

Biljana Plavsic











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